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Name:Waterproof (open-type gear) lubricant
No.:Heinz T-35
Industrial Applications:Thousands of application which require high quality and all day long lubricant.
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Heinz T-35 is a synthetic waterproof (open-type gear) lubricant, formulated from an advanced synthetic fluid. Has excellent water-proof property, it can’t be flushed out by water when using in wet environment.
Has excellent anti-squeezing function so as to prevent scratch, wear and occlusion of gear surface.
Has strong affinity with metals, it still can be adhered even in wet environment.
Has good viscosity stability, It can still keep efficient lubrication even in low, high temperature and instances of rapidly change temperature.
Has excellent isolating and neutralizing capability for pollutant to guarantee continuously running of your equipment with high efficiency. 
Open-type gear
Thousands of application which require high quality and all day long lubricant. 
Suitable temperature range: -5~+300℃
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