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Name:Long life and high performance grease
No.:Punake T-91
Industrial Applications:High temperature chains of baker, oven, spraying product line etc.
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Punake T-91 long life and high performance grease is formulated from special synthetic fluid and thickened with inorganic thickener, containing anti-wear, anticorrosive, antioxidant additives.
Good high temperature anti-oxidation property and high temperature thermal stability.
Low carbon residue, less coking, outstanding lubrication and anti-wear property, and that can make equipment keep clean state for a long time.
High temperature chains of baker, oven, spraying product line etc.
Various bearings of high temperature and low velocity, gear, railway.
Suitable for baking box in automotive industry and high temperature baking room in construction material industry; and lubrication of chain transmission system in high temperature equipment such as hot press in wood fabricating industry.
Applicable temperature range: -30~+300℃.
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