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Name:Semi-synthetic heavy load gear grease
No.:Aidery T-282
Industrial Applications:Suitable for the high-speed impact load industrial wheel gearings.
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Aidery T-282 is designed for the sealing wheelwork at extreme temperature and heavy load condition, based on synthetic hydrocarbon and compound fat, added by multi-purpose additives.
Excellent load bearing capacity can lower the operative temperature and reduce the wear so as to extend the service life of the gears.
Excellent high temperature thermal oxidation stability and corrosion resistance, long service life.
High viscosity stability.
Very low pour point can ensure the efficient lubricating during the low temperature starting.
Outstanding low friction and antiwear performance can improve the efficiency and reduce the work loss.
Suitable for the high-speed impact load industrial wheel gearings.
Applicable temperature range: the lowest operative temperature is 5℃ above the viscosity index of this type, the highest temperature can reach to 120℃.
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