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  Environmental Protection

Emphasizing environmental protection
Environment protection aim:
Toplia seriously declares: the most important resource in the world is human ourselves and the environment that we survive. Protecting environment is one core work of our company. Toplia seriously declare to the society: Protect environment, utilize resource reasonably, devote to durative development, devote to reduce the pollution caused in production, storage and transportation, and positively promote the oil quality to assist achieving the overall environmental protection.
Specific implement in details as follows:
    Provide environmentally friendly friction solution to customers
    Retake resources and recycle efficiently
    Improve oil quality
    We will actively prevent the environment pollution and reduce the discharged waste at source if it is possible.
    we will carry on the environment education training, promote to establish the environmental protection idea of our employee, supplier, the monitoring department and so on..
    We will consider the environment protection when carrying on the commercial decision-making and the brand expanding.
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