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Toplia special lubricants, Global industry lubricant application expert

How to help customers improve productivity and reduce cost is Germany Toplia company’s continuous pursuit.
Toplia special lubricants’ the value is not only maintaining the normal operation of equipments, but also allowing them to "fast running" in order to improve production efficiency. The products have been recognized and appreciated by the world’s users because of synthetic lubricants’ innovative technology and outstanding performance. In all kinds of harsh environmental conditions, Toplia series synthetic lubricants and grease also show excellent performance, reduce unplanned downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend oil life.
Around the world, Toplia Gear Oil Heinz series has been widely used by a number of gears, bearings and wind turbine manufacturers. According to old oil sample’s analysis of Heinz Series Gear Oil, the results show that the series of these products have excellent anti-wear protection. The devices using any of these series products do not have any problems resulted from lubricant aging, which fully demonstrated the product’s excellent performance in the practical application. In product development and performance aspect, Toplia is also in a world leading position.
In China, Toplia’s various special lubricants support local industrial and economic development. With its leading technology, Toplia special lubricants creat a most optimized synthetic lubricants product and a high-performance synthetic lubricants. Through continuous helping customers to optimize the performance of the device with lower cost, and ultimately making them more competitive, Toplia special lubricant products increas reputaion among the world’s customers and vendors.
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