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Gear oil resistance to low temperature TOPLIA Aidery T-660

Into the winter, as temperature getting lower, gear oil function will be effected by climatic factors. It is a shock for mechanical every time by cold start. Therefore, selecting a suitable low-temperature gear oil for the machine is extremely important. Germany Toplia company’s  high-quality low-temperature gear oils TOPLIA Aidery T-660 has this protection. TOPLIA Aidery T-660 can not be effected in cold weather, and has the function of appropriate viscosity, good extreme pressure, anti-wear, excellent results in low temperature, anti-oxidation, anti-rust and corrosion, and anti-shear properties. It also can change the direction of torque and distribute the power rationally to the left and right wheel in the shortest time. Relying on this splashing, it lubricates tapered roller bearings and play a cool, anti-rust function under centrifugal force condition.

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