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Toplia,The quality of excellence

Germany Toplia,long-term commitment for the auto companies to provide reliable lubrication of high-end lubricant products and solutions for sustainable and efficient production of a powerful guarantee. Applications include: automotive high-temperature oven lubricants Toplia Punake T-760, Punake T-761 for high-temperature conveyor, high temperature oven chains, conveyor chains at room temperature. Kaft T-71 poly-perfluoro mystery bearing grease for high temperature oven, Trout T-66 multi-purpose high-temperature bearing grease for the fans and so on. With the development of China's automobile industry, Toplia will strengthen the cooperation between enterprises, at present FAW Volkswagen, Chery Automobile, Great Wall Motor, Geely Auto, Nanjing Auto, General Motors, JAC and so on have been in-depth co-operation. Toplia to introduce the advanced international auto industry, lubrication technology and products, the development of Chinese auto companies to make Toplia contribution.
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